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How can I use the packages produced by this project?

GF has a 'gf-release' package that includes gpg keys for package signing and repository information. Installing this package for your Enterprise Linux version should allow you to use normal tools such as yum to install packages and their dependencies. By default the stable GF repo is enabled, there is also a 'gf-testing' repository that contains packages that are not yet deemed stable.

If you are running an EL7 based system, please visit here to get the newest 'gf-release' package for EL7: gf-el7

If you are running an EL6 based system, please visit here to get the newest 'gf-release' package for EL6: gf-el6

You can verify these packages and their keys from the GhettoForge project's keys page: Ghettoforge Keys

End Of Life Releases

You can access archived packages for end of life releases of EL at http://mirror.ghettoforge.org/distributions/gf/archive/. Please note that these releases are no longer maintained by GhettoForge and are available for archival purposes only.

How Can I browse the Repositories?

You can browse our repositories here.

Are there special instructions / installation notes for GhettoForge packages?

You can find special installation instructions for the various GhettoForge Packages at Category:Packages.